SHANGRI-LA WEDDING FILMS is a team of creative and dedicated filmmakers. Our love of cinema runs deep. With backgrounds in narrative and commercial filmmaking, we know exactly how important story is when it comes to film production. Each couple has their own story, and we approach your big day ready to capture that story onto film.

Our style blends the perfect combination of timeless film theory and story structure with contemporary aesthetics and modern editing. We pay close attention to detail and incorporate a strong eye for composition and framing. Our approach to filmmaking is that of a photojournalist in that we allow you to act and react naturally, allowing us to capture the beauty that is in the moment. Above all else, we strive to capture those perfect moments, whether it's a gentle smile or a first look, so you may cherish them for the rest of your lives. Our goal is to share with you a truly unique cinematic perspective on your wedding day.



Just like any major motion picture, our workflow begins way before your actual wedding day. We take as much time as necessary to get to know each couple and to make sure we have every detail covered. Whether it means scouting the ceremony location for the perfect lighting setups or just chatting with you over a cup of coffee, our prep time is extensive.


By the time your wedding day arrives, we've planned to account for everything, so the only big surprise will be when you two see each other for the first time. We strive to capture all of the memorable moments on your special day. Our cameras and equipment are small and unobtrusive, so we won’t get in the way! We abide by a strict dress code and will present ourselves in stylish wedding attire.


The editing process is the last step to ensure that your story is told in the final film. While this process can take some time, we release your wedding trailer within two weeks of your wedding day! This way, you’ll have something to whet your appetite while we finish the rest of your films. Once your films are complete, we give you the opportunity to review them before we finalize your package and DVDs.


The means by which we consume content are always changing. That's why we offer a variety of ways in which you may enjoy your films! Options that include DVDs/Blu-rays, HD digital files, RAW footage, and online showcasing will ensure that your memories will stay intact for years to come.